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SVUSD Practice Fields & Rules

Welcome to the 2022 Fall Season.
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Practice Field Guidelines 8/18/2022 

Greetings Coaches,  

Welcome to the 2022 Fall Season.  We're looking forward to a fun, safe and fair season.

Some of the following rules have been learned the hard way. These rules have been established so that we can continue to use the practice fields to which we have been assigned.  Any individual school or the SVUSD can revoke a Field Use Permit at any time if we have not treated their campus and/or employees with respect.   These rules about behavior are common sense and also apply to practices at other locations such as parks.


                                                                                        Rules for Using SVUSD Practice Fields

  1. It’s the team’s responsibility to check with the office about the school schedule and cancel or relocate the practice on days when there are conflicts. Due to limited parking, no practices are allowed on days of school functions such as Back to School Night, the Father/Daughter Dance and Harvest Festival celebrations. 
  2.  If you open a combination lock to enter the field, please re-lock the lock in such a way that other AYSO teams can enter the field. That way the lock will not “disappear”.    
  3. If you are the last team to leave the field, please lock the gate in such a way that all other locks (if any) when unlocked will allow the gate to be opened.
  4. No animals are allowed at games or practices.  This is an AYSO rule.  It keeps insurance rates and registration fees low.
  5. No urinating or defecating on school grounds.  This should go without saying.   Make sure players and spectators use the rest room at home before leaving for practice.  For a player who has to go, have a plan in place for a parent or a couple of parents, using proper child safety guidelines, to shuttle the player to the nearest Carl’s Jr., McDonald's etc. or call to have the child's parent pick up that player.  
  6. Do not ask the custodians to open bathrooms.  They are not allowed to and there have been isolated incidents of parents being very aggressive and offensive to custodians.  Let the custodians do their jobs. If we interfere with their duties, the school district will have good reason to deny us a permit.  Instead, let’s give the custodians smiles, waves, our thanks, donuts, etc.
  7. If you don’t pick up your trash, your team could be fined. In our agreement with the schools, we could be charged a minimum of $80 if custodians are required to clean up after us.
  8. Do not allow anyone to play on the playground equipment.  Our insurance will not cover any injuries.                  


                     Please be respectful of others.        Be a good citizen.




I have read and will follow the Rules for Using SVUSD and other Practice Fields.  




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Practice Locations:

·       Arroyo Elementary School

·       Big Springs Elementary School

·       Crestview Elementary School

·       Hollow Hills Elementary School

·       Katherine Elementary School

·       Madera Elementary School

·       Mountain View Elementary School

·       Park View Elementary School

·       Township Elementary School

·       Berylwood Elementary School

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